About us

How did we start?

We started by addressing the problem that women have variety in colour, design, accessories whereas men have very limited basic options. So we thought let's give all the power to the men and let them stand out for once.

Who are we?

Carrano Dumatto was a family of leather workers that created the best products in Italy for generations. This company is a homage to the Dumatto family because we hold our shoes to the same standard of quality as they did centuries ago.

What do we do?

We have mastered the art of creating some of the longest lasting hand made leather business shoes and boots. We create unique one of a kind pieces based off of your preferences which will allow you to walk into any room knowing you are the only one with these shoes on.

When did we start?

Leather products are some of the oldest forms of clothing in human history. Our job at Carrano Dumatto is to elevate this with the help of leather craftsman. These leather craftsman have been refining their skills for up to 35 years. This allows us to have 100% trust that the quality of each product is perfect.

Where are we located?

We are located internationally, as we source our materials from all around the world. Our two main production facilities are in Spain.